Cartoon Logic

by Jeff Sanford's Cartoon Jazz Band


If you've seen the Warner Bros. classic Looney Tunes, then you've heard the music of Raymond Scott. Tweetie and Sylvester roaring through Granny's house, or the insane antics of Daffy Duck, Scott's creative, iconic compositions provided the manic backdrop for all of these nutty characters. It's the most familiar music that you've never heard of.

Sometime in 2002, Bay Area sax legend Jeff Sanford found a stash of marvelous big band arrangements of classic Raymond Scott compositions in the archives of the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA. He brought them to a Monday night rehearsal band in San Francisco, just to "read through some interesting music," and the Cartoon Jazz Band was born. For more than a decade, the ensemble has delighted audiences with not only Scott's compositions, but also original arrangements and music from Scott's contemporaries.